Sunday, September 19, 2010

EKKKKK, Its been forever!

Lets just speak with pictures to show you what I've been tinkering with.

Having fun in the garage!

Having fun in the garage!
Painting BIG orders at the sign company.
Toying with an RC car again! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back on the Blog

This week on a trip to visit family down in NC my niece got on my butt to get back to blogging.  Ok! Look Kelsey I am!  Blogg blogg blogg.

Ok, done for today. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung

Been busy getting the old honda ready. 

I have a new project coming hopefully  I will get it over to the house this week.

Location : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Friday, January 29, 2010


Up late, thinking, things to do, things haven't done, things can't do, cant afford, cant get inspiration, can't.  People and situations standing in the way, social expectations, fighting the idealiziations of success and a normal life, "you should be doing this, you should be doing that"  White fences, plush carpeting, granite.  Life of excess.  Kids, money, debt, respect.

Why am I here?

What is the purpose, the goal ?  Is it the connections with other people, with "things", adventurous experiences within nature and the world?  Feeling the connection to the past and respecting the possibilities of the future?

Is it a respect for Him above?  Preaching the Word and damning all who do not listen to hell?  The world is large and very old, there are many ways to reach the same goal.  Have some humility in the words you speak, and follow Him in your actions.

Is it Control? over others? over land? over what?  We are born with no control, and die the same.  When I was little I walked in between the tall stones thinking,  What do we leave behind?  That little dash representing our whole time doesn't seem like much.

If I had to pick a best week of the past quarter century of my life, it was interestingly when I HAD NOTHING.  A week in the middle of nowhere, in a tepee with great friends, no money no jobs, no plan.  What is to be learned from this?

I believe every person has the ability to do great things.  But it seems there is so much other stuff.  Stuff that needs done.  Bills that need paid.   It's hard to poke around in the interesting corners of life when you're under the gun to make as much money as possible just to stay afloat.

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."  Thoreau

Friday, January 22, 2010

Twingle is down

"Down" is a slang term meaning taken apart as far as something can go.  The plan is to get the frame painted and resore and assemble the rest as I go.  I need to locate and purchase quite a few parts that are either missing or beyond repair.  Stay tuned

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I want to talk about friends.

There are many different kinds of relationships in this life, and many different kinds of friends.  I have a few friends that have been around for many years and I know that no matter how often or not often we speak, there is no less of a connection because of time or space.  This level is formed over time, and because of the experiences and level of trust given by the other.  I am strictly speaking of same sex friendships here.  What i have come to find as of recently is that men and women have very different views on relationships with the other sex. 

In the last month I have had the "friend card" pulled on me by two completely unrelated women that I was interested in having a relationship with.  I have a long history with both, and both have basically said that their only interest was that on a purely friendship level.  Well i know it may sound a bit brash, but I'm not really interested in that anymore. 

I am the type of person that will give and give and give to a female I am interested in.  Need a ride home from somewhere at 3am, call!  Need me to come pick you up at the hospital when you are there all alone, I'm there.  Need your car fixed and have no money and no other way to get to work?  I'll figure out a way to get it done.  No problem, no complaint, I'm just glad your ok.....

All this has caused me to become the bounceback guy.  Ohh your boyfriend broke it off with you and you feel down and out?  Call me!  Ill pick you up, dust you off, take ya out to dinner and get you laughing again, and then send you back out to find another run of the mill ahole untill I get another call from you in a year when he cheated on you..... lol...  Gimme a break people.

I have been nothing but honest, hardworking, and transparent with everything in my life in the past 8 years.  I deserve better. 

So please, if your a woman looking to contact me only to make yourself feel better and never thinking about anybody else, move on down the line to the next sucker, I'm not the friend your looking for anymore.  I am going to demand all my friendships involve friends. 

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Wish there was a better way to post!

I have had my blogger account for a few years now and I am really dissapoonted that there isn't an official blogger app for android phones. Blogger is a Google service and android is the mobile OS from Google. Where's the support?!?!

I have considered trying to port over this blog into a one as there is a very good official apparently from them. Any suggestions?

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I dont like crap.  I dont like crappy quality, in the things I buy, build, or work with.  I dont like my name to be on anything sub par.  I tried to explain this when today i had a very hard time at work with a project and the variables that caused the crappiness were out of my control.  

Frustrated, innoyed, agitated, unhappy, unsatisfied, and generally ready to hang it up and wake up tomorrow with less crap.

Picture is for the undying British devotion to eliminate crap.

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dear scratch on Anthony's nose...

Dear scratch on Anthonys nose,

Please heal soon.  Yes, I know you were self inflicted by Anthony hitting himself in the face with a piece of metal.  But between you and me, he isn't too smart sometimes and doesn't need to hear the jokes from all his co workers.  Thank you much.

Sincerely, Anthony's Ego

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Woodburning stove

Need some cheaper heat than this propane.  I made this from a 5 gallon can i found in the trash bin at work. 

I was at : 8079-8081 Plain City-Dublin Rd, Plain City, OH 43064,

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Prototype Sign, Plant Manager Coming to check it out..

A special assignment I was put on.  The plant manager came out to look at it and told me good work.  The most experienced painter in the company agreed.

The back and side.


Engine, headlight, wiring harness, handlebars out.  Hopefully have a bare frame this weekend.